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Welcome! Before posting, please take a look at the information on our profile.

While we are celebrating Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, we ask that the tutorials posted are exclusive to Dreamwidth and tagged with the "three weeks for dreamwidth" tag. After that, please feel free to repost your tutorial anywhere you'd like! Thank you for participating in Three Weeks for Dreamwidth with us!

We're leaving this post as a sticky with the aim that in a future we will be linking to all the resources, in a listed way through the different specifications, so as to make it easier for all members to check those posts in an even faster way than the tags, which will definitely remain in every post.
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Top 10 Tips & Tricks post up here @ [community profile] smallbatchicons.
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Plus how to make

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This a tutorial that was requested at GIMP_Tutorial over @ LJ. It's a VERY simple coloring technique that works in multiple programs.

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Simple coloring and texture use.

Made with Photoshop CS5, though no selective coloring used. Beginner to intermediate(must know where to find layers, etc.)

We're going from to .

Here at [community profile] forsquares.
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I don't want to repost the tutorials explicitly here, so here are a couple of links to tutorials I was asked to do for [community profile] severalplums:

1. the Doctor

2. butterfly glow
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This is going to be a somewhat rambling tutorial, because I made this icon after 11pm last night and I want to not just show you the techniques I used, but also take you through the thought process that led from "I like this image" through some not-so-happy accidents and into where it ended up.

This is the icon we'll be taking apart:

And I did this using PS CS4 on a Mac.

this way to the tutorial )

If you have any more questions or would like any points above clarified, please ask away!!
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I've been looking around a lot to find interesting brushes to use in icons, and this particular location has turned out to be one of my favorites. She creates icon-sized brushes of all different sorts, for all different kinds of techniques. I'm still learning how to best apply them, and sometimes I get brilliance and sometimes I get WTF results.

Anyway, please check out Mustie's Brushes on LJ and Deviant Art. Her work is wonderful, especially the icon sized brushes. You'll see me periodically reference them in my tutorials, and I'll admit here, I never remember exactly which brush, from which set, I've used (there are too many!).
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Oh hey, look at all the people here! HI!

First off, let me offer up... if you see any icons I've posted on my journal (under the tag icons are pretty) that you'd like to know how I made, just let me know, and I'd be happy to post a tutorial for it. Ask away!

Second, later today I plan to kick things off here by posting a tutorial for the icon above just because it was sort of a random trail of happy accidents to get it, and uses a resource I'd like to share anyway, so I thought it would be a good choice.

So please, look through my icons, request tutorials if you'd like. And don't be shy -- feel free to share any techniques or resources.