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Made with Photoshop CS5, though no selective coloring used. Beginner to intermediate(must know where to find layers, etc.)

We're going from to .

Here at [community profile] forsquares.
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I don't want to repost the tutorials explicitly here, so here are a couple of links to tutorials I was asked to do for [community profile] severalplums:

1. the Doctor

2. butterfly glow
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This is going to be a somewhat rambling tutorial, because I made this icon after 11pm last night and I want to not just show you the techniques I used, but also take you through the thought process that led from "I like this image" through some not-so-happy accidents and into where it ended up.

This is the icon we'll be taking apart:

And I did this using PS CS4 on a Mac.

this way to the tutorial )

If you have any more questions or would like any points above clarified, please ask away!!
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