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Created on 2010-04-27 19:06:44 (#505835), last updated 2014-05-31 (251 weeks ago)

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Name:Icon Tutorials for Everyone
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:icon tutorial and icon resources
Welcome to [community profile] icontutorial!

This is a community for sharing information about making icons. All members are welcomed and encouraged to post. Our goal is to help everyone learn more about techniques for making icons, whether that be light correction, application of brushes, fiddling with text, or any other graphical techniques.

Have you seen an icon out there that you like? We welcome requests! Ask about techniques, and if the creator of that icon happens to be a member of the client, see if they'd be willing to put together a tutorial for you.

Our rules are very simple:
  • All posts should be either a request, a tutorial, or a resource post.

  • Graphics and long posts should be neatly tucked behind a cut.

  • Badgering and pestering the icon makers will not be tolerated, nor will arguments over the merits of various graphics programs: we welcome them all!

  • Please tag your post with the type of post it is and the program used.

  • If there isn't a tag available, please use the "!needs a tag" tag and the mods will tag it as soon as they can.

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